Maine blog

Mainiacs is a revered term, only given to those who are 5th generation (or more) born in Maine. If you were born in Maine but you are 1st - 4th generation, you're a Mainer. Everyone else is just "a person from away". I came to Maine for "just one semester," but now I'm "tenure track" which means I'm here to stay for a while. As I was in those first few months, I am very excited about this adventure and the chance to meet the great people of Maine.

What would you like to drink?

I've known this for a long time and it was definitely one of the many (though minor) cultural differences I noticed coming to Maine. But here's a picture of what we all know is true. This is more interesting than if you're a blue state or a red state. So I grew up in a turquoise state and moved to a green state.