Fourth Degree - 2006

  • 2006
  • August 28, 2006: See "first degree" for the first part of this fascinating story. So Jennifer B. tells Theresa that she met someone in Kansas that knows TLO but she (Jennifer) can't remember who it is. That night, Theresa looks through her address book and sends Jennifer a list of people that she knows in Kansas. Her guess was that it would be Mr. L., former choir director at Hollins who is now retired in Kansas. They would have that music connection. But it turns out it's Janet and Dan Y. and their son. Janet is Elaine S.'s big sister--Elaine and I were best friends in high school. The part of the story I still don't know is a) How did Janet and Jennifer meet and b) my favorite question: how did my name come up in conversation?
  •  July 18, 2006: Theresa receives a very interesting email.
  • From:   Ron
    Subject: A ball of string
    Date: July 18, 2006 8:15:16 AM CDT

    Last week on a cold rainy night I was wandering around the endless trails of the internet.  I found some info re: legos and a connection to Lamplighter and you.

    I  recorded your name and came in out of the rain.  The very next day Melissa [Melissa was in Theresa's choir for many years and bought a house across the alley a year ago] was in the computer lab with me and your name came up.  I reached for my  parchment and pointed to your name.  She told me of your remarkable talents and insisted I write, so here we are.
    I visited your blog.  The picture is wonderful not to mention the contents. I'm a camera person, very nice image.
    I'm working as a tech specialist at the [Melissa's school].  I'm very interested in lower school (kindergarten - 2nd grade) curriculum.  What is best for children, avoid the gaming enviroment, use of computers as a tool and not a TV.
    Side bar:  I am a UNT graduate, began as a music major, was called to duty in the navy, spent the time playing in navy bands, returned to NT and found a home in the business dept.
    Ron Mc Fadden