Green Chile Count

I arrived Tuesday, June 11 around 9am. I went to a "tea" with Mother but there were no green chiles served there. Mother made my favorite beef strogonoff for dinner (no green chiles). Wednesday morning (and Friday morning), I had a green chile cheese bagel at Smith's grocery store in the deli department with my parents and their walking group.

Wednesday was a stay at home day and enjoy casual time with my parents. No green chiles in their house. ;-) I did go out to get my hair cut and enjoyed time at Pen 'n Pad, a great little shop I've enjoyed since childhood. I came home with refills for two favorite pens plus two new calligraphy pens and a cool notebook I can use in my new job as division chair. 

Thursday, Mother and I went to "Fun Day" and toured Lilly Barrack's jewelry studio then to lunch at St. Clair Winery and Bistro where I had Pasta New Mexico--pasta with Southwestern cream sauce and green chiles. The menu special was a glass of their Blue Teal Riesling for $4. Oooooh yummy wine and great pairing.

Friday was another stay at home day.

Saturday morning when "the gang" went to brunch at Milly's (as they do every Saturday), I had Milly's Breakfast Special of potatoes smothered in red or green child (guess which I had), cheese, sausage, bacon, and ham, topped with two eggs any style (I chose "over easy"), served with a flour tortilla. This is not a photo I took (why would I order coffee?? and pancakes and orange juice?? I couldn't finish the breakfast by itself), but that came from their website. I guess I was too excited to eat Milly's breakfast, plus having so much fun visiting with longtime family friend Stephanie, that I forgot to take a pic.
Saturday night, before seeing The Producers at Albuquerque Little Theatre, we had dinner at Route 66 Diner, where I had a root beer float and green chile stew.
Sunday was Father's Day and while Mother attended a surprise birthday party for a friend of hers, I took Daddy out to lunch. He said he didn't really care where we went as long as there was ice cream. The Model Pharmacy (one of our favorites) was closed on Sundays so we did a little yellow pages search and then a Google search and found Route 66 Malt Shop (not to be confused with Route 66 Diner). Dawn was our waitress and we had a blast, plus it was yummy yummy yummy. I had a quesadilla with 2 cheese, tomato and green chile. Oh my. Daddy had a barbecue sandwich and we both had banana hot fudge sundaes for dessert. (We both brought home boxes with half of our lunch so we could have plenty of room for the sundaes...I'll get to have more green chile quesadillas later.)