A Small World of Miracles

You've heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, Dr. Mari claims that an even more fun game to play is Five Degrees of Theresa Overall because whenever she is with me, it seems we run into someone I know. It does seem to happen to me a lot and so I decided to first define what the 5 degrees would be and then start keeping track of all the unusual coincidences that happen to me or about me. Thus this list. It is currently just a shorthand list of notes that most people won't understand. But if you sit me down and we get to storytelling, there's enough information for me to give you the longhand (longwinded?) version in person. ;-) I've started to fill in details on some of the stories; someday I'll come back and fill in the rest. Until then... it's just a list. . . . but a very fun list.

 First Degree: TLO runs into someone she knows (or someone who knows her) in an unusual place/ time

Second degree: TLO and someone she knows discover something/someone in common

Third degree: TLO meets someone new and together they discover something/someone in common

Fourth degree: 2 people that know TLO meet each other and figure out they both know TLO (they have Theresa in common)

Fifth degree: combinations of any two or more from above; other bizarre/ cool/ miraculous events in TLO's life